Genshin Impact: Find the Exact Location of Violetgrass

Players have to locate a wide variety of materials in Genshin Impact. Materials are very important in Genshin Impact because they improve the character’s level and make them excessively powerful. Among several materials, a popular material is Violetgrass. It’s a flowering plant that can be obtained through exploration. In Genshin Impact, players have to get most of the materials and resources through exploration, and Violetgrass is no different. However, the working of Violetgrass is different from other materials.

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Violetgrass is a unique type of material that spawns or grows on some specific locations on the map. This plant is in a violet color that usually appears near the mountains and cliffs. Players who recently started the game could face a little trouble to find it. However, it offers some incredible benefits to some specific characters. The major benefit of Violetgrass is that it improves the abilities and strength of Qiqi character. Qiqi is a popular 5-star character that is unstoppable when it comes to fighting. So for the players who want to use Qiqi, they need to find Violetgrass for upgrading.

Before exploring Violetgrass, players should remember that Violetgrass doesn’t grow in Mondstadt, so there’s no requirement to search for it there. Violetgrass usually grows near the cliffs and mountains of the Liyue region. So players have to climb up to find this special material. Violetgrass is a standard type of Plant, so any character can collect it even if they don’t have any elemental skill.

Another great place where players should look for Violetgrass is Wuwang Hill. It is a popular part of Liyue, and there you can find plenty of mountains and cliffs. While exploring near the mountains and cliffs, make sure to remember its design and color.

Qiqi is the first character that needs Violetgrass, and it is also a significant character that requires Violetgrass for improvements. So if you are using Qiqi, it is highly recommended for you to find Violetgrass. However, if you want to search Violetgrass quickly, you can use the ability of Qiqi as well. An ability of Qiqi, Former Life Memories allows it to locate the necessary resources that are near. This ability is her third passive talent, and when you use it in Liyue, your searching will be more comfortable.

Even if you have Violetgrass, it takes time in the real world to pass right before the Violetgrass plant respawns. The foes cannot drop this plant, which makes this plant a highly desirable material. Enemies can’t destroy this plant in any way, so you can collect and carry it easily.

Currently, in Genshin Impact, Violetgrass is only available for Qiqi upgrades, but there’s a possibility that developers will add more characters that will require Violetgrass too. So until any other character requires Violetgrass, players should spend it on Qiqi. While having a good amount of this plant will help the players in the future.


In a very short period of time, Genshin Impact has earned great fame. Fans of Genshin Impact love the way of upgrading the characters. In the game, every character is unique, but they are not powerful without their suitable materials. There’s a huge variety of materials that players have to find to make the characters powerful. Like Violetgrass, many more types of materials are available that players have to find to upgrade other game characters.

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