Boruto: Implications of Kishimoto’s Return for the Manga

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3 min readDec 15, 2020

The return of the mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto, has sparked a lot of debates. Boruto manga is already at a critical point, and it seems that Naruto’s death is on the horizon even after the new power-up. There is no one better to end his story than the original creator. His sudden return to the franchise has sparked rumors that he might have returned only because of Naruto’s death. It seems that Kishimoto might have left Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru, just for the sake of Boruto, which was not doing so well as expected.

Boruto has not been up to Shonen Jump’s expectation, and some statistics have suggested that the fanbase might be slowly treading off. With Kishimoto’s return, it is expected that things will turn around for the manga. However, his return has been received with mixed emotions. But the fans will expect that he will somehow reignite the story, even though Naruto is about to die…or maybe not?

At the cost of his life, Naruto has reached the Baryon Mode, which is his most potent form so far. It might seem that his life is about to end, but Kishimoto might have other plans. Since the Baryone Mode has no established lore in the Naruto universe. So, there is a possibility that even though Naruto’s physical life is over, he might still be around spiritually. Shinobi in the past have embedded their chakra in the seal, which has preserved their spiritual life. There is a possibility that Kishimoto might use one of these tricks to save Naruto. At the same time, Kurama will be eradicated entirely or reincarnated somewhere else in the process. Irrespective of the turn that the story takes, there is a possibility that Naruto won’t die anytime soon.

It appears that the fans have never been satisfied by Boruto as a protagonist and instead see him as a side character. Now, the manga is at a crucial point. Will we see Kishimoto go for Naruto’s end, or will he steer the plot a bit to get the fans’ attention that the franchise lost. In comparison, Boruto has more significant potential than Samurai 8, so its sudden end is not surprising. Moreover, the early end of Samurai 8 will give Kishimoto more time to focus on Boruto.

In order to attract die-hard Naruto fans, it is possible that Naruto might become more powerful than ever before and bypass his death altogether. If Kishimoto tries to do something like that, the devoted fans will recognize that it is a desperate move and might not like it. Such a sudden change in the storyline is often done when a new writer comes on board. Since Kishimoto has been associated with the previous franchise, he is the only person who can successfully amplify the vital characteristics of Boruto. Hopefully, Kishimoto’s return will lead to positive changes, and more fans will return to the manga.

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